Strict Pull-ups
Complete 50 Strict Pull-ups in as few sets as possible, resting exactly 90 seconds between sets.
EMOM 10 of:
3-5 Strict Pull-ups (May scale to band)
EMOM 10 of:
3-5 Ring Rows
*Set feet in a position to make these difficult (with full ROM)
-Same as three weeks ago by design

AMRAP 15 of:
1 Mile Run Buy-In (or 2000/1800m Row)
-direcly into-
10-20-30… Alternating DB Snatch @ 50/35
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 24″/20″
AMRAP 15 of:
1k Run Buy-in (or 1250/1125m Row)
-direcly into-
10-20-30… Russian KB Swings
15 Burpees

Barbell Curl 21s
15 Reverse Flyes
Rest ~1:00 Between sets