Ring Muscle-up
E2MOM x 5 of:
3-6 Ring MU (Wear a Weight Vest if able)
EMOM x 10 of:
1-3 Ring MU
Russian Dips
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EMOM 10 of:
3-6 Ring Dips or Matador Dips (with or without band)
-Same as two weeks ago by design. Last week of this progression until after the new year.

6 rounds of:
400m Run
25 Push-up
15 Goblet Squats @ 100/70# DB
10 rounds of:
200m Run
15 Push-ups
10 Goblet Squats @ 70/50# DB/KB
10 rounds of:
200m Run
10 Push-ups (or scaled variation)
10 Goblet Squats
– 27 Minute Cap