NOTE: From 1-3 today there will be bonus Open Floor time. Coach Jamie is opening the doors during his personal workout time for you to come in and get in any extra work that you desire. Come prepared with a plan, as this is not a scheduled coached class. Also, please be respectful of the gym and Coach Jamie. Be finished with your workout and CLEANED UP before 3pm.



Warm up
10- Spiderman Lunges
10- Scorpions
5- Inch Worms
5- Prone Angels

Weightlifting with
A Giant Brotato

Every 90 secs for 10 rds
Hang Clean +Clean + Front Squat

Emom 10
Odd min- 8/8 KB deadlifts/ KB swings
Even min- 10 Burpees over Object(KB)
(Burpees will increase by 2 each rd)