Front Squat – Week 6/9
5 x 3 @ 5-10# Heavier than last week
At 0:00
EMOM 5 of:
5 Reps @ 85% of triple used
At 5:00
15 Reps @ 65% of triple used
– Add weight based on how last week felt. If they felt bad, you can even remain at the same weight for another week. Reps will make another shift next week.
– May wear a belt and rest as needed for the 5 sets of 3.
– For the EMOM, do not wear a belt, and perform reps quickly.
– For 15 rep cashout, perform as fast as possible, and do not lock out knees during any reps.
– Athletes with compromised Front Racks may Back Squat

——In Pairs——
AMRAP 10 of:
Calorie Row
*Non working partner is performing Wall Sit