——You Have 22 Minutes to complete the following—
5 x 3 Strict Pull-ups
*May scale down to Band or Up to Weighted*
3 x 10 Bentover Barbell Row (HEAVY)
3 x 20 Seesaw Rows (MODERATE)
60 Alternating Top Down Dumbbell Curl (LIGHT)
*this ends up being 30 each arm
60-120 Reverse Flyes (VERY LIGHT)

In Teams of 2 (Relay Style)
6 rounds each of:
10/8 Calorie Row
10 Burpees Over Rower
2 Shuttle Sprints (25’ down and back is one rep)
**18 Minute Cap

***Friendly Reminder***
Partner Comp on Saturday! You still have time to sign-up! Lets make it happen!